(Living with Hallucinations)


I see you

Hiding in the shaded corner of the closet

You delight in evading my glances


I see you

Shifting right in front of me

You’re too quick to capture


I see you

Peering through the broken blinds

You pretend the wall divides us


I hear you

Calling my name from the depths

You chill my bones


I feel you

Choking me with my own blankets

You rush away as I wake up gasping for air


I feel you

Hovering behind me

Your presence is heavy, thick


I hear you

Every morning like a skipping record player

You’re relentless in your torment


I hear you

The voice of doubt and fear

You paralyze me


I recognize you

The persistent lie that feeds on my anxiety

You obscure the truth


I know you

The warped, cavernous black hole

You are my thoughts filling the darkness


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